What is a toylibrary


The toy library is a proposal that favors playing in itself, for believing in its creative, challenging potential, causing discoveries of the world and each one. That is why it offers freedom, welcome, diversity and security. It can be aimed, exclusively or in combination, for an audience of babies, children and adolescents, adults and the elderly. Due to its purpose and context, it may have different approaches: cultural, community, therapeutic, school, business, academic, research-oriented, sports, leisure. The toy library provides a collection of toys, games and other unstructured materials that allow for invention, innovation, creation. There are times when he acts as a community agent in carrying out campaigns, for example. When it offers the loan option, it takes play even further, providing pleasant encounters with families and friends. There are also those that, in an itinerant way, spread joy wherever they go. Its history, from the beginning, reveals the important role of the professionals who participate in it, who give voice to the right of children to play, the right to choose, the right to playfulness for all of us.



Who is the toylibrarian


The toy player is the professional who, seeming to be “just playing”, invests in his training, develops projects, studies the child, playing, the history of toys, knows each item in the collection, tries to understand how playfulness evolves throughout life , its role in aging, besides generating empathy with the public of all ages, managing the team, the materials, the space, interacting with the community, with the internet, with the media and ... - phew! Still make it look like you're "just kidding"!


In Brazil, ABBRI has been taking care of the training of this professional through face-to-face and distance courses, participating in national and international congresses, seminars, symposia, among other actions that always aim at the importance of playing.