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Answer: Finding a toy that is fun, safe and educational is proof of affection and responsibility towards children. In this sense, when choosing a toy, it is necessary to observe whether it is in accordance with the age and development of the child for which it is intended.

The safety of toys made available to children must follow some basic safety rules - resistance to impacts, toxicity, among others.

The national toy industry has improved a lot to meet the quality requirements assessed by competent bodies such as INMETRO and others.

Therefore, the basic rule of your playroom should be: analyze the toy before handing it over to the child, checking if it contains the INMETRO safety certification seal, whatever the material, wood or any other.

Handmade toys, as creative and interesting as they are, often do not have certification, as it is quite expensive.

In addition, you should avoid buying toys in the informal market, the main destination for counterfeit and smuggled products, which have no guarantee of quality and endanger the safety and health of children.

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