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It is with joy that we pass on the information below, through your interest in joining the Brazilian Toy Library Association (ABBri).

1. The importance of joining ABBri

  • So that you have an active participation in our actions.

  • To be constantly informed of research, publications and events in the area, helping to make nationally known the seriousness and importance of the work carried out in playrooms.

  • For the registration of the number of Toy Library existing in Brazil.

This information is essential to defend the creation of public policies that guarantee children the right to play. By gaining strength of representation, ABBri can more emphatically claim to the authorities, the installation of public toy libraries.

  • Strengthen the toy profession and work towards its recognition.

We have already achieved great advances, such as the conquest of ABBri with Deputy Luiza Erundina for the creation of Law Law nº 11.104 / 2005 , which makes the existence of toy libraries in hospitals with pediatric hospitalization mandatory. So that actions like this can continue we count on you!


2. Benefits you will get from affiliating with ABBri:

  • Disclosure of your toy library on our website, participating in our exchange actions.

  • Participation in Thematic Meetings, courses and larger events in different conditions.

  • Discounts on the purchase of books published by members of our Board, specialists in the field of Play and Toy Library;

  • Discounts on purchases at partner stores

  • Discount in the provision of ABBri services: advisory for the implementation and operation of a toy library; evaluation of operation and obtaining an ABBri quality seal. your toy library.

  • Access to our online editorial O BRINQUEDISTA - ABBri's newsletter with semiannual periodicity, bringing articles, interviews, game tips, children's stories ... and much more;


3. Types of affiliation

Individual - Individual (professional in the field, students, or others who are interested in the subject)

Legal Entities - These are the playrooms in Schools, NGOs, Institutions, Clubs, Malls, Hospitals, Colleges and Universities, Therapeutics and also Private Playrooms.


4. Values

Annual payment due in the month of APRIL.

Individuals (in 2020 - R $ 210.00). Value corresponding to one fifth of the current minimum wage.

Legal Entities (in 2020 - R $ 600.00) with the right to nominations from three employees for the events. The fee amount corresponds to the current minimum wage.

Option for annual or semi-annual payment in the months of APRIL and OCTOBER.

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