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Do you know what ABBri is and what we do?

The Brazilian Toy Library Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 1984 and qualified as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest).

We work so that children have the right to play, in different environments, from schools to hospitals. ABBri is affiliated with the International Toy Library Association (ITLA) and conducts training courses for toy players - people who work with the aim of providing free and safe play for children and, why not, for adults too!

Have you ever thought about setting up a playful and safe space where you work? This dream may be possible and we are here to help you!


ABBri promotes socio-cultural activities such as publications, advising public bodies on the definition of policies and standards related to play and playroom, consultancy for the implementation and operation of playrooms. It publishes the semi-annual newsletter “O Toy”, where it conveys articles, news and interviews, among other subjects related to the universe of children and adolescents.

In the academic area, we work in partnership with universities that promote studies, research and publications on the subject. Playing is a serious thing and everything is done with great care and care.

Come and participate in our activities and be another ambassador for this cause, fighting for the promotion and creation of safe playrooms in its multiple modalities.


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We need you so that more and more children are guaranteed the right to play free!

We are a family owned and operated business.

BE YOU AN ABBRI MEMBER and come and be part of this work!

We are a family owned and operated business.

You can join ABBri as a natural or legal person and enjoy the various benefits offered to members

Quadro diretor

Director Board

Emblema Estrela


President - Maria Celia Malta Campos

PhD and Master in School Psychology and Human Development by the Institute of Psychology (USP). Pedagogue and clinical psychopedagogue. School advisor.

Vice-presidente – Edna de Prospero Marchini

Vice President - Sirlandia Reis de Oliveira Teixeira


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Rua Italia, 1206 - Centro - Araraquara– SP - CEP: 14801-350


(0xx16) 99766-4963


Rua Londrina, 470, sl.l 52 – Rudge Ramos – S. Bernardo do Campo – SP – CEP 09635-100

(0xx11) 4368-0013


Rua Otávio Tarquínio 1048- casa 01, Centro – Nova Iguaçu - RJ

(0xx21) 97011-2963


Instituto de Neurociências e Tecnologia Dr Márcio Ribeiro do Valle, Rua Goiás, 77 - Poços de Caldas - MG CEP: 37701-005E 

(0xx35) 3722-2793

Nossos núcleos

Rua Boulevard 28 de setembro, 77, Vila Isabel – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP: 20551-030

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Alameda Ezequiel Dias, 345, Belo Horizonte – MG – CEP: 30130-110



Av. São Luís, 383 – Vila Rosália - Guarulhos – SP– CEP: 070606-060

(0xx11) 2497-3728


Al. dos Vidoeiros, Gramado – acesso pelo Instituto Biológico – Campinas – SP – CEP 14201-680


(0xx 19) 99116-9286


Ecobrinquedoteca Itinerante


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In the years of the great American economic depression, around 1934, in Los Angeles, the owner of a toy store complained to the principal of the Municipal School that the children were stealing toys. The director concluded that this was happening because the children had nothing to play with. Thus, it started a toy loan service as a community resource. The so-called Los Angeles Toy Loan still exists today. However, it was in Sweden, in 1963, that this idea was further developed. In order to lend toys and give guidance to the families of children with disabilities on how they could play with their children to better stimulate them, two teachers, mothers of children with disabilities, founded Lekotek (Swedish library) in Stockholm.

In Brazil, this service also started to be developed from the need to encourage disabled children. In 1971, on the occasion of the opening of the Qualification Center of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) of São Paulo, an exhibition of educational toys took place. The interest aroused by the event was such that it was transformed into a Pedagogical Resources Sector within APAE, coordinated by the educator Nylse Helena Silva Cunha, who, in 1973, implemented the Toy and Pedagogical Material Rotation System, the Ludoteca. All toys from the Educational Sector of APAE were centralized and started to be used in the mold of a circulating library. Only in 1981 was the first playroom in the country set up, the Playhouse Indianópolis, in São Paulo, with the director responsible for creating the term Playhouse, the pedagogue Nylse Helena Silva Cunha. From 1984 onwards, due to the growing movement around the theme, the need arose to create an association that would cover the demand. Since then, the Brazilian Toy Library Association - ABBri has been working to promote play, as well as training toy makers and assisting in the assembly of toy stores throughout the country.




Nylse Helena Silva Cunha (09/23/1929 - 04/24/2017).

Pedagogue, director of the Indianópolis Institute and founder of the first Brazilian Toy Library. Author of DAE - Evolutionary Assessment Dossier, an important registration tool for the assessment and continuous monitoring of the global development of disabled people, used by professionals at the Indianópolis Institute. He was a member of ITLA - International Toy Library Association. She began her career in the area of ​​Special Education at Sociedade Pestalozzi and was coordinator of the Pedagogical Resources sector at APAE - SP, where she created the Therapeutic Playroom. He taught courses all over the national territory and, as an international lecturer, participated in congresses in Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain, Switzerland and Korea. Author of eight books in the area of ​​Education, especially on pedagogical resources.

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ITLA stands for the International Toy Libraries Association. In Brazil, we call this space the Toy Library.

The Association, founded in 1990, welcomes professionals from different areas through annual membership. The organization promotes International Conferences every three years and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Members of the 5 continents are represented in the ITLA, through the organization of the Continental Groups: Grupo América, under the coordination of the Brazilian Toy Library Association; Europa Group - ETL; Africa Group; Asia Group; Oceania Group.

In 2019/2022 Management, the international president is Monica Stach (South Africa). The Board comprises: Vice President - Michel van Langendonck (Belgium), Secretariat - Laura Van Laethem (Belgium), Treasurer - Dan Mchunu (South Africa).

Advisory positions:

General Coordination of Representatives of Continental Groups & Link América - Maria Celia Malta Campos (Brazil).

Link Europe & World Play Day Coordination - Ana Lourenço (Portugal)

Link Asia - Wong Poai Hoang (Malaysia)

Link Africa - Lilian Atieno Okal (Kenya)

Link Oceania & 2022 Conference Coordinator - Debbie Williams (Australia).

Find out more by visiting: .

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We will post here laws related to toys, playroom and children.

1. Law No. 10,826, of December 22, 2003 - Prohibits the sale and manufacture of toy weapons

2. Law No. 11,104, of March 21, 2005 - Hospital Playroom


3. Brazilian Standard 11.786 - Toy Safety

4. Law 8,078, of September 11, 1990 - Advertising for Children


5. Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - Child development and the right to play.


If there are other laws you know, share them with us.


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